24 Hour Fitness Reviews

24 Hour Fitness is a chain of workout facilities that was established in 1983. The company currently operates over 400 locations, mostly on the east and west coasts of the United States. The clubs are of varying sizes and levels but all have specialized studios and personal training classes in addition to the standard gym equipment. Locker and shower facilities are also included with membership. This article will summarize the 24 Hour Fitness reviews of these services, as well as the costs, locations, special amenities and customer service.


Rating: 3/5

The majority of the clubs are located in California. Other locations are Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Texas, Hawaii, Florida, New York, and Washington, DC. Because there are only a few clubs in some states, there may not be convenient access. Also, there are Sport, Super Sport, and Ultra Sport clubs and some have complained that the smaller facilities are overcrowded. There is often a wait time to use the gym equipment.

Membership Costs & Fees

Rating: 3/5

Memberships vary according to the type of club you choose to join. Some details of the costs are presented below:

  • Basic Monthly – You can choose to pay a monthly fee for a one-club or multiple-club membership. The monthly dues for this membership range from $39.99 to $84.99. There is also a $49.99 initiation fee.
  • 12-Month Commitment – Dues for this type of membership are also paid monthly but because you join for an entire year, the initiation fee is waived or discounted. Monthly dues range from $34.99 to $74.99.
  • Prepaid – Dues for a specified period (usually 3 months to 1 year) are paid at the time of enrollment. Average annual cost is about $600.

Most reviewers felt that the monthly dues were reasonable but had a problem with the $49.99 annual fee.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Rating: 3/5

Many members stated that there were unclean areas and broken equipment. Amenities such as saunas and hot tubs were often unavailable because they were in non-working order. Even when problems were reported, the repairs seemed to take an extended amount of time. There were also reports that the equipment was unsafe and that there was not proper training on correct user techniques.

Lockers and Showers

Rating: 3/5

The use of locker and shower facilities is included in the membership price. There are some clubs that get positive reviews for these amenities and others where there are reports that these spaces are insufficient. Also, 24 Hour Fitness has a policy that people can use the lockers of their declared sex regardless of their genetic sex. This is a sensitive topic and one that has contributed to some of the negative reviews.

Extra Amenities

Rating: 4/5

Again, the additional amenities like pools, saunas, and sports courts, vary depending on the level of the specific club. However, a membership includes whatever amenities are available at the club that a person joins. There were very few comments made by members about these extra amenities.

Customer Service

Rating: 2/5

This is the area that received the majority of negative comments. Reports indicate that managers were unconcerned with member problems or made very little effort to handle issues when reported. There was pressure to upgrade memberships or miscommunication during the enrollment process. Other comments relate to the difficulty navigating the cancellation process. In many cases, dues continued to be collected even after the cancellation was finalized.

24 Hour Fitness Verdict

Unfortunately, the overall rating for 24 Hour Fitness is not high. Members have a positive impression of some of the newer, larger clubs but this is not true across all locations. The one thing that all seem to agree upon is the fact that there are multiple issues with the cancellation process. For these reasons, the overall rating is 3/5. You should probably use the free three-day pass to try a specific club before you make any commitment to join.

The table below details the ratings in each category.

Location Membership Cost & Fees Cleanliness & Maintenance Locker Rooms & Showers Extra Amenities Customer Service Verdict
3/5 3/5 3/5 3/5 4/5 2/5 3/5

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