Anytime Fitness Guest Pass

Anytime Fitness is one of the world’s most popular and convenient gyms, so it makes sense that you might consider becoming a member. However, you want to be sure that the club has all the amenities you need. Well, Anytime Fitness gives you the opportunity to explore its sites by using a free Anytime Fitness guest pass. You can use the equipment, attend classes, and interview the staff. You can even request a tour and an orientation to see if the site is a good fit for you. This article will explain how to obtain one of these passes and whether there are fees associated with them.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Free guest pass 7-day 18+ YES NO
Day guest pass ($20) 1-day 18+ YES YES
Bring a friend free guest pass (free) 1-day 18+ YES NO

You can get details and apply for a free pass here. To speak with an Anytime Fitness customer service representative, you can use the contacts in our Anytime Fitness Hours & Contact guide.

Standard Anytime Fitness Guest Pass

There are two types of passes offered by Anytime Fitness. The first is a 7-day free pass for which you can apply online. Go to the main webpage, and click on the “Try Us For Free” link in the menu bar. Choose the club most convenient to you. Complete the form with your personal contact information including name, city and state, phone number, and email. You will be contacted and will receive your pass in an email. The second pass is a one-day pass which can be purchased once a month for a fee of $20. This pass can be obtained in person. In either case, non-members must register at the desk and show a valid ID for entry.

Refer a Friend Guest Pass

Anytime Fitness encourages members to invite guests to visit and workout at the club. Each guest may attend only once a year and then only during times when the club is staffed. Members can pick up a pass at the desk or call ahead to make a reservation for their guest. Guests still need to check in at the desk and show ID upon arrival. There are rewards for members whose guests eventually become members. Since each club is independently owned, these rewards may vary. For example, a South Dakota club gives one month free for each referred guest who enrolls, and an entire free year if four guests become members.

Anytime Fitness Pass Benefits

There are a number of advantages to obtaining a free Anytime Fitness guest pass:

  • The pass saves you money. You can use the facilities for up to one week without paying any dues or fees.
  • The pass is good for 7 days. This extended amount of time gives you an opportunity to try all the equipment and classes to be sure that a particular location is good for you.
  • You have access to personal training. You can set up an orientation and tour and begin to discuss your individual goals and plan with a personal trainer.

As mentioned previously, each location operates independently. However, all provide the standard 7-day guest pass and each pass gives you access to all club amenities. The variation is that each location offers different facilities and programs so you should check with your location to view the specific services.

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