Boxing Gyms: The Best Of The Best

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If you’ve never tried boxing before, you might not know how to find a decent gym or even know what features to seek. You may discover boxing classes at a traditional fitness center or follow a more rigorous boxing-specific training schedule in a professional boxing gym. In this article, we’ll help you understand which option is right for you and lay out seven of the best gyms across the United States. 

What is a Boxing Gym and How Do I Find One?

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A regular gym won’t meet your needs and become a waste of your time and money, depending on how serious you are about the sport. Find a gym that meets your goals. If you want to box as a fun way to become fit, for example, a fitness gym might be okay. People who want to seriously learn to box, however, require a professional boxing gym. 

At this type of gym, you will focus your workouts entirely on boxing technique. This sport, like many others, comes with stretching, conditioning, and strength training exercises you must regularly perform as well, including:

  • Running
  • Jumping rope
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Barbell squats
  • Crunches
  • Hanging leg raises
  • Neck bridge
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Reverse barbell curls
  • Dumbbell shrugs
  • Barbell bench press

Then, boxing workouts tend to incorporate training exercises more specific to the sport, such as:

  • Shadowboxing – A warmup exercise to the heavy bag, shadowboxing involves punching the air while standing in front of a light or mirror. Use your shadow or reflection as an opponent and practice your joint rotation.
  • Speed bag – A useful tool to boost coordination and speed, training with a speed bag allows beginners to practice getting the rhythm down. Once you can keep a steady beat for two minutes straight, you can begin moving into more difficult techniques and spar with partners.
  • Heavy bag – Long-used by boxers, the heavy bag helps improve your skills without a partner. It’s an excellent way for beginners to learn the basics before facing up against a partner. Benefits to using a heavy bag range from increased coordination and overall technique to building endurance and improving your stance/footwork.
  • Sparing – Practicing with a real-world partner is vital to your progress, and beginners are typically ready for sparing when they have mastered each of these workouts. During sparing, partners practice throwing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts similar to training with a speed bag.

Many of the workouts you’ll find at this type of gym are also much more intense. HIIT training classes, for example, are commonly used. The combination of running and endurance training helps you burn calories quicker than any other type of cardio workout. 

It’s crucial to find a gym with a well-rated trainer who knows proper techniques. The gym should offer an encouraging environment where you feel like you can meet your goals. Legitimate gyms focus on constant improvement, and the trainer should tailor each workout to suit your abilities. 

Start with a Google search to explore the option closest to your address. You may want to check a few more in-depth and speak to a trainer or two. Below, we’ll list out some of the best options across the United States and explain why people love each option. 

Explain what you’re looking for and be honest about your boxing goals. If you want to win an amateur competition, learn boxing to supplement your other martial arts training, or hope to become a professional boxer, let the gym know. Many boxers practice out of a passion for the sport so that a fitness gym may be enough. An authentic professional gym will offer top-notch instruction for the people who plan to train hard each day. 

How to Find the Best Boxing Gym

Before you can find the best boxing gym for you, set your goals. Think about what you’re looking for in a gym, what you hope to accomplish, and what requirements the gym must meet for you to sign up. Professional gyms for boxing are where you head to truly develop and grow your skills, maybe even become a big-league boxer someday. 

What Type of Equipment Do I Need for a Boxing Gym?

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You may need to collect some equipment before you can take boxing classes. While most gyms specific to boxing will offer large equipment such as heavy bags and even speed bags, you need safety-specific gear, such as:

  • Gloves – Wearing boxing gloves will protect your hands from injury.
  • Hand wraps – Many people use hand wraps underneath their boxing gloves to further protect the bones.
  • Cups – Men must protect their groin region.
  • Mouthpiece – Everyone must protect their teeth, even when practicing alone.
  • Headgear – Essential for protecting your brain from cuts and concussions, headgear shouldn’t be shared between people to prevent spreading sweat and pests like lice.

The 7 Best Boxing Gyms Across the United States

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The best gyms for boxing offer all the equipment you need and plenty of high-quality trainers. The following seven options are some of the most highly rated across the nation. Each of these gyms is class boxing spaces designed for the sport, and classes there provide an intense full-body workout that leaves you sweaty and feeling strong. Beginners or pros can join. 

Shadowbox – New York City, NY

Although the atmosphere of this gym seems like an indoor cycling studio, expect to box with heavy bags and complete strength training exercises such as push-ups and planks. You still get the fun instructor and great music. Take a class or sign up for private lessons, where you spend some quality time practicing in the ring. The Shadowbox gym even offers a coffee and juice bar so you can rehydrate afterward. 

Aerospace HPC – New York City, NY and Los Angeles, CA

A modern fitness studio co-owned by a former boxing champion, you can expect to sweat next to famous Victoria Secret models at this gym. It’s a full-body workout that includes shadowboxing and some bag work. You’ll also run drills using tools like resistance bands, jump ropes, and lightweights. 

Joltin’ Jabs – Philadelphia, PA

Located in the same city the hit Rocky came from, this gym offers 50-minute classes in a small group setting taught by pro fighter Joey DeMalavez himself. The sessions include 3-minute boxing intervals and strength training exercises, and each session begins with drills to practice accuracy and form. Wrap up the class with a 90-second conditioning workout, and you can expect to walk out drenched in sweat. 

Overthrow – New York City, NY

If you want an intense boxing session, go to Overthrow. The interior appears raw and gritty, and you can find a military-style strict workout here. People who need discipline can find trainers who will deliver and penalties for a technical misstep or any other type of misdemeanor when training are steep. 

Wild Card Boxing Club – Los Angeles, CA

Although the gym has only been open since 1995, the Wild Card Boxing Club has some of the most loyal customers and legendary boxers. Established and ran by Mickey Rourke and coach Freddie Roach, big names are easily found here. 

Title Boxing Club – Multiple locations nationwide

A large franchise with over 171 locations, beginners and those who want to box for fun enjoy Title Boxing Club. You can find a location anywhere, and each gym offers a simple, spacious design. Classes can range from 30 to 75 minutes long. During this time, expect to complete 3-minute boxing rounds and plenty of squats in between. The end of the workout blasts your core as well, making it an intense full-body workout perfect for losing weight and staying fit. 

Rumble – New York City, NY

A boxing studio located in Manhattan with club-like lights and loud music, you can workout as loud as you want at Rumble. If you enjoy an environment that will build you up, try one of their 45-minute classes. They’re a mix of boxing and strength training on the floor, and each class is entirely beginner-friendly. However, you can expect to sweat and a lot and push yourself to your limits. 

Currently, only two locations exist, both in New York City. However, with famous big-name investors like Justin Bieber and Sylvester Stallone, that won’t last long. 

HIT Fit SF – San Francisco, California

Looking for an intense full-body workout to become or stay fit? Here, everyone starts out with mandatory beginner courses. The studio is large and sunlit, and you can expect to learn fast-paced cardio boxing with a complicated punch and footwork combinations and very intense conditioning training. With awesome cafes located on the same street, it’s an awesome morning workout spot. 

A Final Tip

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Make sure to read plenty of reviews on the gym and trainers before paying for a membership. You can always find out more about specific trainers by running their names through Google. There, you can learn more about what boxers they’ve trained in the past, how much coaching experience they have to offer, and the number of people who are typically in a class. Match your style with your trainers, and finally, always avoid any gym that doesn’t seem invested in your future. 

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