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Located in El Cerrito, California, Bridges Rock Gym is one of the Bay Area’s premier rock gyms. The gym is an excellent choice for those who love to boulder, featuring a wide array of climbing walls and challenges. Members of Bridges Rock Gym aren’t just limited to bouldering, however; the facility also features a full fitness center, as well as group fitness and yoga.

If you’re curious about joining Bridges, you’re in luck; the gym offers prospective members several introductory discounts and promotions. Read on to find out more!

About Bridges Rock Gym

Bridges Rock Gym is located just north of Oakland, California in the town of El Cerrito. Just off of Route 580, the gym is accessible to most Bay Area residents, especially those closer to Richmond. The only other major indoor rock gym is in downtown Berkeley.

At Bridges, climbers can choose from several rock walls, including a specially made progression series. The progression series is explicitly designed to transform beginning climbers into experts and is available at only a slight additional cost.

As we mentioned, members also have access to a multitude of other features, including a fitness center, yoga and more. The gym’s hours are also especially convenient: they are open every day of the week for most hours of the day. These hours include 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Saturdays and Sundays.

Membership Features and Benefits

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As a member of Bridges Rock Gym, you’ll have unlimited access to the gym’s rock climbing, slackline and fitness facilities, as well as 40 (or more!) yoga and fitness classes every week. Also, members receive discounts on paid clinics, personal training and the gym’s store, where you can stock up on all of your workout essentials at a 10 percent discount.

Memberships also include a one-member guest pass per month, plus a “bottomless” guest pass for first-time climbers. These passes offer prospective climbers and friends a great deal, and they could even provide you with an opportunity to try the gym if you happen to know any existing members.

The gym also offers its members a sauna, a refreshment area and parking. If you have kids under 14, they can join and climb for free as part of your membership!

Membership Types

A basic membership at Bridges Rock Gym includes the same benefits and features described above. Again, this includes unlimited access to the gym’s climbing, slackline and fitness facilities, as well as various discounts on the gym’s goods and services.

Memberships start at $59 per month, making it one of the most affordable options in the Bay Area. Students and military personnel get discounted memberships of $54 and $45 per month per person, respectively. Even discounted memberships include the same perks and features!

If you’re new to climbing, Bridges offers a unique membership type: the “Intro to Bouldering” membership package. For just $99, first-time members get one month of membership, 20 percent off a starter gear package (including chalk and chalk bags), a free Intro to Bouldering clinic, and a waived initiation fee after the first month.

While the Intro to Bouldering package offers no particular benefits after the first month, it’s an extremely appealing option for those in the Bay Area who are looking to take up the sport of climbing.


Bridges Rock Gym has only one location: 5635 San Diego Street in El Cerrito, California. The building is conveniently located off of Route 580, making it only a short drive from both Berkeley and Richmond. Of course, residents of El Cerrito are in excellent luck!

Deals and Offers

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Bridges Rock Gym offers many package deals for both new and longtime members. Even if you’re not a member, there may be a few ways to get a “sneak peek” before signing up.

Guest Passes

All Bridges Rock Gym members get a guest pass every month, with first-time climbers having a “bottomless” guest pass. Of course, this only applies to existing members; if you want to try out the gym, it may help to know someone who’s already a member. If you do know a member, however, you may be able to get in for free!

Intro to Rock Climbing Package

As described earlier, the Intro to Rock Climbing package offers prospective climbers an affordable way to get started. For $99, you’ll have a month of full access to the gym, as well as a free climbing clinic and a 20 percent discount on everything you’ll need to get started. Plus, when the month is up, you can roll over your membership without having to pay an initiation fee.

Annual and Monthly Autopay Discounts

Members who sign up with a credit card and commit to four months get a 25 percent discount on their monthly membership. The perks are even better for those who plan to sign up for the long-term; if you choose to sign up for a year, the gym will give you a 30 percent discount and waive the initiation fee.

Prepaid annual members can also freeze their memberships at any time at no charge, allowing them to take time away without worry.

One Month Pass

If you’re not ready for a long-term commitment but still want the full access of a regular member, the gym also offers one-month passes. These passes provide all the perks of regular membership without having to sign any long-term contracts.


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Bridges Rock Gym is one of the most affordable and accessible gym options for climbers in the Bay Area. If you’re looking to try it out, your best bet would be to either find a member with unused guest passes or sign up for a one-month pass. If you’re new to climbing, the Intro to Climbing package is also appealing.

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