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Equinox is a luxurious gym that is focused on creating a high-end environment and experience for its customers. Equinox clubs are located all over the world, though they are mostly focused within the U.S. They offer a variety of fitness programs, as well as a spa. This article will cover some of the general issues surrounding how to complete Equinox cancellation procedure, as well as mention some of the fees for canceling.

About Equinox

Equinox is a very high-end, luxury focused fitness club that offers a variety of activities and amenities. They have group classes that focus around different activities and goals, such as running and cycling, as well as pilates and a spa area. Equinox also offers personal training given by personal trainers who have been certified through Equinox’s own certification program.

That being said, not every Equinox location will have the same amenities. Specific amenities will be dependent upon what each club has to offer. As Equinox is focused on luxury, the prices are quite high compared to regular gyms.

Equinox Membership Fee

From their website, Equinox offers a variety of memberships. The fee for a membership is based on the individual club you would like to attend. These prices can range, depending on which club you would like to join, as well as the location of the club. In addition, there is an initiation fee which is also dependent on which membership you choose.

There is an All-Access fitness pass, which allows you to use any club in the U.S., excluding the clubs the Kensignton (UK), Printing House (NYC), Century City (SoCal) and Equinox Sports Clubs. This pass is $240 per month, which will be pro-rated for the month you are in, as well as an initiation fee of $500.

In addition to this, there is a Destination Access plan that gives you access to any Equinox location worldwide. This membership is $295 a month, is pro-rated for the month you are in currently when you sign up, and has an initiation fee of $500 as well.

Use this link to find a location near you, as well as information regarding membership fees.

Membership Cancellation Process

If you are unable to continue your membership with Equinox, there are several steps you must take to cancel your membership. Equinox divides their membership into two types. The first type is if you have had a membership for longer than 1 year.

If you have had a membership for longer than a year, you can cancel the amount of notice in your contract for any reason. To cancel, you can go to the club and complete the process there with a manager. To complete the process, you will need to give the appropriate notice, fill out the Equinox cancellation form and pay a pro-rate to stop your billing to Equinox. You will get a copy of the form that will act as your receipt proving the cancellation.

If you cannot get to the club for some reason, you can mail a letter to the club through registered mail. Equinox will then cancel membership based on the amount of notice days, collect a pro-rate and will then stop your billing.

The second type of membership is if you have had your membership for less than 1 year. If this is the case, you can only stop your service if you relocated, have a medical issue or have lost your job. If you have relocated outside a 25 mile radius of the club, you will need some type of proof verifying the move. If a doctor advises you to not exercise for longer then 6 months, you may bring a notice from your doctor.

No cancellation can be done online and must be done either through a personal visit to the club or through registered mail. You may freeze your account for a minimum of 1 month to a maximum of 3 months once a year. You will still be charged $30 per month while the account is frozen. If you have not been a client for over a year, you will be charged the regular monthly amount. There is a special freeze for pregnancy which can be requested.


Overall, the Equinox cancellation process for your membership at Equinox is not the most convenient. It cannot be done online, which limits the ways you can complete the Equinox cancellation. In addition to this, if you are within one year of receiving your membership, you cannot cancel for any reason. This is somewhat restrictive on Equinox’s part, as there can be more then just 3 reasons to quit a gym membership. Make sure to share your experience, whether good or bad, with Equinox to the company itself, as this can provide helpful feedback.

Have you had personal experience with the Equinox cancellation procedure or you know someone who has? What was it like? Tell us in the comments.

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