Equinox Gym Deals & Offers

Equinox Gym is a nationwide luxury gym that offers elite equipment for individuals who participate in cardio, strength training, as well as stretching. There’s a massive amount of fitness equipment to train on, including treadmills, squat racks, jump boards for pilates, a boxing room, weight areas, stationary bikes, heavy ropes, yoga studios, and more. Considering it’s one of the most expensive gyms in the U.S., being around $250 a month for a membership, there must be some coupons or discounts that can help bring that price down. Fortunately, there are. This article is going to inform you of the Equinox Gym deals, coupons, and discounts.

Equinox Gym Deals and Coupons

There are currently a few Equinox Gym deals and coupons. The main one is the summer sale, and it entitles the user to unlimited classes, a free fitness assessment, a free training session, and a free Pilates session. This is an upgrade because the original membership with Equinox Gym only includes access to Equinox gyms as well as the classes and amenities. In addition to this, Equinox Gym also has a few other discounts that can be activated when you bring another person to sign up with you that you live with. And lastly, Equinox Gym is also offering a free initiation fee.

Equinox Gym Deals

American Express Card Users: Individuals who have American Express Cards that attend the gym can earn a few extra training sessions when they buy a certain amount over time. This usually corresponds with how long you have been a member of the gym.

Promotions Through Your Work: Check with your employer about promotions being held through their company to Equinox Gym. Equinox has corporate membership connections that have a great amount of firms. These work corporations that provide their workers with the option to have their Equinox membership fees to be directly taken out of their payroll, as well as have the fees discounted.

Free initiation fee: During the summer months of 2018, there are $0 initiation fees included in signing up for a new Equinox membership. This offer ends on August 31, 2018.

Equinox Coupons

Summer Sale: Includes access to an unlimited number of classes, along with a complimentary fitness assessment as well as a Personal Training session. This Equinox Gym deal also includes a complimentary Pilates session, and ultra-luxe amenities. Theses amenities include Kiehl’s products, eucalyptus towels, and locker rooms that contain a great deal of space for privacy. Lastly, also included in this membership deal is access to the Shop, the Spa, and the Juice Bar. This Equinox Gym deal ends on August 31, 2018. You can find out more about it on the Equinox website.

Sign Up with a Friend: Signing up for an Equinox Gym membership while with another person that shares the same address as you can benefit both of you because you both can receive discounts off of your monthly membership.

Membership Costs of Equinox Membership

Standard Membership: A standard membership at Equinox Gym costs approximately $250.00 per month and includes access to all Equinox Gyms in the United States, as well as all classes and amenities.

Destination Access: This membership is more like a premium membership and costs individuals approximately $295.00 per month. This membership includes access to all Equinox Fitness and Sports Club locations all around the world, which is great for individuals who travel.

Overall, being that Equinox Gym is an elite luxury fitness center, the membership prices are expected to be higher than the average gym. But the quality of the training, as well as the classes and individuals who attend the gym are more inviting and of higher quality. When you consider the summer sale on top of the monthly standard membership of $250, you’re receiving a free fitness assessment, a free training session, and free access to the amenities as well as the other fun offers at the gym, including the Juice Bar, the Snack Bar, the Spa, and the Shop.

For more information about Equinox memberships, visit their website, www.equinox.com. You can also learn more about Equinox prices and contact information in our article.

How to Get an Equinox Discount

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