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Fitness centers often claim to represent the pinnacle of their industry. Most gyms do provide excellent services, are kept clean, and they value their members. However, there is one gym spread across the United States and in London that has raised the bar of fitness luxury. Equinox Gyms represent a higher level of customer commitment to excellence. While the main concentration of their facilities is in large US metropolitan cities, members can acquire access to any facility worldwide. In this article, we provide brief Equinox Gym reviews, looking at important things such a locations, membership options.We will also mention any relevant information from Equinox Gym reviews mentioned by Equinox clients


Equinox Gyms are spread out across a dozen US states. Boston and Chicago area residents have five gyms each to choose from, with New York having the largest number of options. Within the New York metropolitan area, there are 38 Equinox Gyms.

Our nation’s capital has three facilities, and Californians have more than two dozen centers in both the northern and southern parts of the state. Across the Atlantic Ocean, there are a pair of Equinox Gyms, one in Kensington and another on St. James Street for Londoners. When you need an Equinox Gym, you’ll most likely be able to find one.

Rating: 4/5

Membership Costs & Fees

You should consider how often you travel to any of the above mentioned Equinox Gym locations before you select a membership program. There are three common choices available in regions where there are a number of Equinox Gyms within the region. Boston, for instance, has three membership choices.

  • Single Equinox Club Access: This membership fee is $195 per month. It allows you to use a single designated facility. This is an excellent choice if you do not foresee yourself wanting to use any of the other gyms.
  • Regional Access: For an additional $10 per month, you’ll be granted access to all the Equinox Gym facilities in a particular region. In New York that gives you nearly three dozen gyms to pick for a workout.
  • Destination Access: Frequent travelers, especially those who visit the major centers for Equinox Gyms, will benefit from the third membership package. It is a destination access program that allows you to walk into any Equinox Gym worldwide. Monthly dues for destination access are $295 per month.
  • Initiation Fees: Each membership has an initiation fee. The single access and regional memberships require a $300 initial fee. There is a $500 initiation fee for members who choose the worldwide destination access package.

Read our Equinox Prices & Membership Fees article for more information.

Rating: 3/5

Cleanliness & Maintenance

When a fitness club professes to be a leader in the industry, cleanliness is essential. Equinox Gyms maintain a cleanliness level that is not near, but at perfection. Staff members are astute to problems with machines, and no aspect of maintenance is left unattended at Equinox Gyms. The staff that helps to maintain each Equinox facility deserves the highest compliments.

Rating: 5/5

Lockers & Showers

You should expect nothing more than personal privacy and eloquence from every aspect of your luxury fitness experience. The locker and shower facilities at Equinox Gyms go beyond just a place to dress and clean up after your workout. They have state-of—the-art locker rooms and shower facilities fit for royalty.

Rating: 5/5

Extra Amenities

The list of amenities at Equinox Gyms is extensive. There are over a dozen types of classes and group fitness activities. You can cycle, dance, or work on your Pilates. Personal trainers are on location to answer questions, or guide you through a personally designed workout.

You can practice martial arts, or appreciate why boxing is such a physically demanding sport. You can run, swim, or just relax in an eloquent steam room. For those who also appreciate the best in fitness fashion, a visit to the Equinox Shop will have you outfitted with the highest quality, most fashionable workout gear.

Rating: 5/5

Customer Service

If you’re going to operate one of the most elite training facilities in the world, you must have outstanding customer service. Equinox not only offers classes taught by highly professional, certified instructors, but they offer personal training from acclaimed fitness experts. There is always someone to answer your questions at Equinox Gyms.

Both members and prospective members can chat live with a representative, 24-hours a day. Members can give feedback, contact by phone, or follow Equinox Gyms on Twitter. They also publish an informative magazine that covers a variety of health, fitness and diet related topics. At Equinox Gyms, the customer is more than just important, they are priority.

As far as Equinox Gym reviews on this aspect are concerned, customer opinions are mixed. Some Equinox customers complain Equinox customer service is sub par, not helpful, and quite careless. However, there are many who praise Equinox customer service representatives for their friendly and helpful tone. It seems customer service friendliness is quite dependant on location.

Rating: 5/5

Equinox Gym Reviews Verdict

If you want to train in style, there are few fitness centers that can rival Equinox Gyms. Their facilities built and maintained at the pinnacle of perfection. The only negative aspect of an Equinox Gym membership might be the cost of a membership.

However, you should never be surprised if you glance across the gym, or notice a famous person participating in your Pilates class. Equinox Gyms is where fitness enthusiasts train in luxurious style. Considering all the criteria, this fitness facility earns a 5 out 5 star rating. Below is a break down of our Equinox Gym reviews.

If you have personal experience with Equinox Gyms and would like to add to our Equinox Gym reviews, please do so in the comments.

Location Membership Costs & Fees Cleanliness & Maintenance Locker Rooms & Showers Extra Amenities Customer Service Verdict
4/5 3/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5 5/5

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