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Fitness First is an international fitness chain first founded in the United Kingdom in 1993. Since then, it has grown considerably, branching out to various locations across the world. Although the company was sold to several different corporate owners between 2016 and 2017, many Fitness First locations are still open and offering membership deals and discounts.

As of 2014, there are nearly four hundred Fitness First clubs around the world. If there’s one near you, you might want to consider some of their introductory offers.

Fitness First Gyms and Membership Features

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Fitness First offers its members a wide range of exercise equipment, including treadmills, stationary bicycles and ellipticals, free weights and more. In addition to gym equipment, Fitness First locations have highly motivated personal trainers hosting both private and group fitness classes, as well as personalized training programs.

Personalized Training

Sometimes known as “BodyFirst,” the customized training programs at Fitness First are comprised of a five-component training program. The program begins by assessing your posture, which is a foundational requirement for good form while exercising.

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The program then moves into mobility and core exercises, only then approaching strength and cardio. Throughout the training, you’ll continue work on all five of these areas—posture, mobility, core, strength and cardio.

This unique and holistic approach to training has made Fitness First’s training programs enormously successful. The best part is that this program is available at most locations, allowing you access to the same excellent training regardless of where you live.

Unlike certain group training or fitness classes, however, personalized training will come at a cost. Most locations offer three levels of personal training: regular training (labeled simply “personal training”), advanced training and elite training.

Each training level is available in one-hour “power” sessions, 40-minute “focus” sessions, or simple “boost” sessions where a personal trainer supervises and assists your workout. Training sessions are available individually or in eight- and 12-session packages, with the multi-session packages offering a slightly discount per session compared to purchasing them individually.

Group Training

For those who like to take a more social approach to their workouts, Fitness First offers a variety of group classes and training programs. These include various types of yoga, group cycling, martial arts and other forms of training which will typically change depending on the skillsets of each location’s staff.

Other Features and Benefits of Membership

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Some Fitness First gyms boast several unique training facilities, such as boxing rings and arenas, swimming pools and steam rooms. All locations include changing rooms, showers and lounges as well for relaxing post-workout.

Amenities are also numerous. At Fitness First, members have access to complimentary toiletries, iPad bars, device charging, lockers, refreshments, towel service, WiFi and various other amenities. Even if you forget your workout clothes, there’s a good chance that your location will be able to provide you with workout attire!

Fitness First membership is also very inclusive, and members can enjoy having access to a global network of other members and, depending on membership, gym locations. The chain also hosts an annual New You Achievement Awards, where member fitness progress is recognized and celebrated!

Membership Types

Depending on your location, Fitness First offers a variety of memberships. For the most part, however, customers can choose between single- and multi-gym memberships, as well as a slightly discounted student membership.

All of these memberships offer full access to their respective locations. Note that some locations may charge extra for personalized training; however, membership usually includes group training sessions and classes.

To find out about your local Fitness First location, check out their website. Fitness First posts schedules and class availability for nearly all of their branches via their regional websites. With this in mind, be sure to visit the website for your region—the Fitness First website for the United Kingdom, for example, is different than that of Asia.

Note also that membership costs can vary significantly between regions, as regional chains now have different owners due to their acquisitions from 2016 to 2017. In the United Kingdom, however, memberships are still on par with those of most other gyms, with most options priced under £40 per month.

If you’re on the fence about joining Fitness First, you may be interested in taking advantage of their introductory membership offers. Some locations even offer exclusive deals for local members.

Worldwide Locations

Due to the now-diversified ownership of Fitness First, the chain is split by region. The vast majority of locations are in either the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Asia and parts of the Middle East. The most active locations are in the United Kingdom, Australia and Asia, the lattermost having locations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, among others.

Discounts and Offers

Whether you want to try out Fitness First or you’re traveling and need brief access to a location, Fitness First offers free trials to anyone who’s interested. The duration and conditions of these trials depend on the location, but most locations offer guests a one-day free trial starting from the day of registration. The pass will only be valid for one week (seven days) after enrollment.

To register for a guest pass, you can fill out an online registration form or visit your local Fitness First. Note that, among other conditions, registrants must be 16 or older and have a valid photo ID, and each guest pass is only good for one person. The passes are also only valid at their location of registration, so be sure to plan if you’re traveling!


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With many locations around the world and loads of amenities, Fitness First is an excellent choice for a gym membership. If you want to get started, check out their free one-day guest pass. Just make sure to use your guest pass within seven days!

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