Goodlife Fitness Deals and Offers

Goodlife Fitness is Canada’s largest chain of health clubs. There are over 350 locations that all provide all the amenities that members need to achieve their individual fitness goals. Equipment and programs vary but range from cardio and strength machines, to yoga and meditation sessions, to personal training packages, and even to GRIT, which is a high intensity interval training program. Some of these programs are included with membership while others can be added for an additional fee. However, if you search, you can find numerous Goodlife Fitness deals and discounts. This article will show you some of these deals and how you can access coupons to save significant amounts of money.

Goodlife Fitness Deals & Coupons

Many  Goodlige Fitness deals are time limited or only offered during certain months of the year. There are membership rewards that include waiving the initiation fee (between $75 to $125), providing up to 30% off merchandise from partner companies, and half off on boot camps (a savings of $199). Corporate and student memberships are offered at half the annual rate, and there are coupons available matching these discounts. Other deals offer 60% off certain programs and classes.

Goodlife Fitness Deals

At certain locations, and for limited periods, Goodlife Fitness provides deals for both current and new members.

  • Membership Rewards – This program is standard across all company locations but is only offered to Peak or Premium level members. This program offer savings of up to 30% on over 190 popular local and national brands.
  • Corporate or Student Memberships – College students or employees of any corporation that partners with Goodlife Fitness can save 50% on the cost of membership. Depending on the level you choose, these savings can total $400 a year.
  • Boot Camp and Team Trainings – These are generally 6-week programs. Members who sign up during certain times of the year, receive 12 weeks for the 6-week price of $199.
  • Initiation Fee Deal – Some clubs try to attract new members by offering to waive the initiation fee. Depending on the club, this represents a savings of $75 to $125.

Goodlife Fitness Coupons

Some voucher websites match the deals described above. For example, Anycodes has time limited coupons good for 50% off anything at a Goodlife Fitness club or a free mind and body class. offers similar discounts, some only honored by certain locations. Finally, on HotDeals you can find Christmas deals where you can get up to 60% off an fee program or merchandise.

Membership Costs of Goodlife Fitness Membership

With so many franchised locations, there is a great deal of variation in the costs of a Goodlife Fitness membership. There are basically two levels.

  • Base Membership – This level has a monthly cost of between $15 and $30. The average initiation fee is $75, making the first year’s price $255 to $435.
  • Peak Membership – This level costs between $25 to $40 per month. The initiation fee for a peak membership can be as high as $125, making the annual costs $425 to $605.

When you consider these costs, and the additional fees for some special programs, It is easy to see how your annual charges can add up quickly. It makes sense, then, to try to reduce these charges by taking advantage of company issued deals and any coupons that you can find to save money.

For more details about Goodlife Fitness membership costs, read our guide on Goodlife Fitness Prices & Membership.

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