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Goodlife Fitness is the largest and most popular health club company in Canada. Since its inception, it has grown to almost 750,000 members. With this kind of impact, it just makes sense that if you are looking to begin a fitness program, you might decide to become a member of a Goodlife Fitness club. Even though the rates are very reasonable, you want to be sure that the club will have all the amenities necessary to meet your needs. Fortunately, you have an opportunity to sample a club by using a Goodlife Fitness guest pass. In this way, you can try the club and sample the services and classes before you make a membership decision. This article will explain the types of passes available, the method to obtain them, and any costs associated with each.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Guest Pass (Free) 3 days 18 YES NO
Day Pass 1 day 18 YES NO
Bring a Guest 1-day 18 YES NO

You must apply for a day pass in person. However, you can obtain a 3-visit pass online by using the guest pass application.

Day Passes

There are two types of guest passes issued by Goodlife Fitness. Regardless of the type of pass, the user must check in and present an ID at the member desk, and receive a club orientation. The first type is the standard free 3-Visit Guest Pass. Goodlife Fitness recommends that you begin your experience with them by applying for this pass. They make it very simple by placing a “Start Now” button right on their main webpage. From there, enter your email address, choose your club, and click “Next”. Provide your name and phone number, click “Submit” and your pass will be sent to you in an email. The second pass is a day-pass allowing you to pay $15 at your club’s member desk and use the amenities of the club for one day.

Bring a Guest

This is the program that allows club “Peak Members” to invite guests to workout with them. Since clubs are franchised, there is some variation in the procedures and policies for guests. For example, some clubs restrict guests to weekends only. In any case, this program provides a BUDDY benefit to members, and a TRYOUT benefit to guests. The club member needs to request the pass and can apply online through the member account, or in person at the member desk.

Goodlife Fitness Pass Benefits

The first important point to mention is that there is variation among clubs so you should check with your local club for specific guest pass procedures and policies. Whatever pass you use, the obvious benefit is that you get to use all the amenities of a particular club without making any kind of membership commitment. You can speak with a trainer, attend a variety of classes, and use facilities like pools and saunas. This is really the only way to decide if Goodlife Fitness is the place for you. The 3-Visit Pass is free and available across all clubs. The usual cost of a Day Pass is $15 but again you should check with your club before you attend.

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