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LA Fitness has about 700 clubs across the United States and Canada. Founded in 1984, the company has always focused on the general health of its members. In addition to the standard gym equipment, LA Fitness provides over twenty different classes, pools, sports’ courts, and the personal service of their professional trainers. If at some point, this environment no longer meets your needs, you can cancel or suspend your membership. This article will focus on the LA Fitness cancellation process, the steps to freeze your membership, and any fees you will need to pay.

About LA Fitness

There are variations in the amenities offered in the clubs. However, there are some consistencies. Regardless of location, the company is committed to understanding and meeting the needs of the diverse communities that it serves. Members get access to cardio and strength equipment and classes, sports’ courts, and personal training. The trainers are among the best and follow your progress throughout your program. The costs are reasonable, especially since most of the major amenities are included with the cost of membership.

LA Fitness Membership Fee

There are two different types of membership. The basic level provides access to all amenities but at your home club only. The monthly cost is $24.99. The premium level gives members access to all clubs, and carries a monthly fee of $29.99. The monthly dues are $5 more if you join a “Signature” or “Premier Plus” club in Canada or New York. In addition to the monthly dues, there is also a $49 initiation fee with each type of membership. There is a kids’ club that may require an additional fee, and sports’ court reservations come with a fee of $5 to $7. You can read up on LA Fitness membership fees in our dedicated guide.

Membership Cancellation Process

You may cancel your membership at any time by providing written notice to your local club’s manager either in person or via certified mail. If you deliver the notice in person, you need to be sure to get a receipt. To be sure that you provide all the required information, you should use the cancellation form which you can find on your online account page.

You can follow this same process to temporarily suspend, or freeze, your membership. This is a good alternative if you cannot use the club for a period of thirty days or more.

You will need proof of a medical or other issue and will be charged $10 per month. If your club receives your notice at least five days prior to your next billing date, you will not be charged for that month. Once the billing date passes, you will be charged for the entire month even if you no longer attend.


The LA Fitness cancellation process is not difficult but you need to carefully follow the rules set forth in the LA Fitness policy. You will not be charged a fee but will pay for your final month if you do not submit your request in a timely fashion. If you need help with the LA Fitness cancellation process, contact your home club for all the details you need. If you have cancelled your LA Fitness membership, it would be helpful if you would share your experience with others.

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  1. We cancelled our family members LA Fitness membership for Lucretia, Martin and Charles Hammond in June.. We live at 3111 Glenn Lakes Lane, Missouri City Texas. We have not had a good experience with LA Fitness. In June I stopped payments from LA Fitness. We have not used the service in many months. Recently, my son wanted to participate in personal training. He was not feeling well and was later diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. He was not able to participate in personal training. However, LA Fitness staff were very opposition to cancelling the pt. Our son did not take one pt session. We paid $600 to LA Fitness even though they wanted $1,200. The staff tried to say that I should feel lucky because LA fitness did not take $1,200. But my point was, LA fitness does not care about their customers. LA Fitness is more concerned about money. And for the years that we have had access to LA Fitness, we have hardly used it. It seems to me that LA Fitness has already made money after money since we started in with LA Fitness. We essentially have been paying and not going. So the last straw was the personal training. They wanted us to pay for that too. So essentially, I have paid for thousands of dollars for services that I have not used. So with that I am cancelling our ties with LA Fitness.

    By the way, I could not access the online confirmation


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