LA Fitness Deals and Offers

Since 1984, LA Fitness has provided an opportunity for members to design a plan to improve general health and fitness. Each club offers a variety of amenities including cycling and elliptical machines, group fitness classes, personal training, a basketball court, and a pool and sauna. These are all included when you purchase a membership. The monthly dues are reasonable but there is an initiation fee which raises your annual cost. However, there are a number of deals and discounts available to help defray those costs. This article will show some of the coupons you can use to get LA Fitness deals.

LA Fitness Deals & Coupons

The most popular deal, and the one you will find most often, is the one that waives the initiation fee. When you use these discounts, you will save $99 on the annual cost of your membership. Current members can also use the “Refer a Friend” program to accumulate VIP reward points that can be used to purchase LA Fitness merchandise and accessories. There are also coupons providing up to 15% off LA Fitness merchandise.

LA Fitness Deals

Whether you are already a member or are thinking of joining, you can benefit from the deals offered by the company.

  • LA Fitness Refer a Friend Program – Members can refer friends to use the club for one day and then receive reward points if that person becomes a member within ninety days of referral. Members can then use these reward points toward the purchase of LA Fitness membership. The details of this program and a referral form can be found on the member’s personal account page. Details and the referral form can be found on the member account login page.
  • LA Fitness Initiation Deal – There are certain times during the year, for example on Black Friday, when a specific club will waive the $99 initiation fee for new members. This represents significant savings on the annual costs of membership.

LA Fitness Coupons

There are a number of voucher websites that always have coupons available. These are usually time limited so you need to search often. To find those specific to LA Fitness, you simply enter the company name into the site’s search bar. Some of the sites that are currently posting these coupons are,, and

One example is the slickdeals offer where there are multiple coupons for a $0 initiation fee. This is a saving of $99 a year. In addition to the initiation fee discount, there are also coupons offering 15% off LA Fitness merchandise which you can purchase online.

Membership Costs of LA Fitness Membership

There are two different LA Fitness membership types

  • BASIC (one club) – This level includes access to all the amenities of the one club that you identify as your home location. The monthly dues are $24.99 and the initiation fee is $99.
  • PREMIUM (all club) – This level includes access to the amenities of any of the LA Fitness locations. The monthly dues are $29.99 and the initiation fee is also $99.

Regardless of membership level, there is a small charge to reserve the racquetball/squash courts. If you join one of the signature or premier clubs, located mostly in New York and Canada, you will pay $5 more per month. In any case, the monthly rates are reasonable. But if you can join using a special deal or discount, you can save $99 or more in annual costs.

For more information about LA Fintess membership costs, read our LA Fitness Prices and Membership Information guide.

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