Life Time Fitness Cancellation Form

The Life Time Fitness centers were established in 1990 in Minnesota. Today, the chain has 128 locations in 28 different US states, and 3 locations in Canada. In addition to the standard gym equipment and studios, locations offer pools, sports courts, a spa, and even a café.In spite of the fact there are multiple advantages of Life Time Fitness memberships, situations arise that may make it necessary for you to cancel Life Time Fitness membership. To help you in those cases, this article explains the Life Time Fitness cancellation process with details about the steps to take, the forms to use, and the possible fees that may apply.

About Life Time Fitness

Life Time Fitness is billed as more of a training resort than a health club. The company offers all the standards plus child care services, a full spa, and even a café featuring healthy meal choices. These specialties move Life Time ahead of its competitors, but at a slightly higher cost. The company is dedicated to healthy living and is one of the only companies to have its own “Healthy Way of Life” brand of products. Members receive consultation with expert personal trainers to formulate a fitness plan that leads to attaining individual goals. Though you monitor your own progress, you can seek help whenever you need it.

Life Time Fitness Membership Fee

There are varying membership types but all give you access to all equipment, services, and programs available at your chosen facility. The company encourages families by offering children swim lessons, a kids’ academy, camp, and birthday parties. The costs for each membership type varies by location so fees listed below will be averages.

Annual or Loyalty membership – the average cost is $60 plus tax per month. There is an initial joining/administration fee that ranges from the standard $79.50 to the maximum $154.50 for adding members and other benefits. These memberships revert to month-to-month after the first year.

Monthly membership – $139 plus tax and a $79.50 initial joining fee for the basic monthly package.

Day passes – sold in 1 or 5 day packages for $30 per day.

Go to the membership options page for more details. Read our dedicated guide for information about Life Time Fitness membership prices.

Membership Cancellation Process

If you need to cancel your membership within seven days of initial enrollment, you can do so by providing written notice or in person. All membership dues and joining fees will be refunded to you. To cancel after the first seven days, you need to provide 30 days notice in writing either by certified mail or in person. Your Life Time Fitness cancellation must include your name, membership number, date of birth, and gym address.

Life Time Fitness offers alternatives to cancelling your membership. If you cannot workout for some period of time, you can pay a monthly flex fee and still maintain access to your gym and all the virtual services. You can also choose to simply “freeze” your membership. This suspends your membership fees for up to one year for either medical or military reasons with proper documentation.


Membership in a club like Life Time Fitness actually becomes a way of life. However, the company recognizes that it may become necessary for a member to cancel. The Life Time Fitness cancellation process is spelled out and the instructions are easy to follow. There are some who do complain that the mail must be certified and that refunds are often delayed, but this feedback comes from the minority. Life Time Fitness invites you to share your cancellation experience so that they may continue to amend the process.

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