Life Time Fitness Guest Pass

Life Time Fitness is a chain of upscale workout clubs, operating in both the United States and Canada. Many of the locations are open 24/7 and have amenities including personal trainers, pools, salons, child care centers, and eateries. Of course, all these specialties increase the annual fee so it is beneficial that a Life Time Fitness guest pass is available. These passes give non-club members the opportunity to try all the amenities and to learn a little about the staff before deciding on membership. This article will explain the different passes available, the cost of each, and the application process.

Below are the Life Time Fitness guest pass details.

Type of Guest Pass Guest Pass Length Guest Pass Age Requirements Guest Pass ID Required Credit Card Required
Free initial visit 1-day 18+ YES NO
Day guest pass 1-day 18+ YES YES
Day guest pass 5-day 18+ YES YES
Bring a friend free guest pass 1-day 18+ YES NO

Click here to apply for the free initial visit pass and here for either of the day passes.

Day Guest Passes

All of the day passes can be obtained either online or by visiting any of the Life Time Fitness centers. Just choose your location and provide your name, phone number, email address, and date of birth, and you will be contacted by an account counselor to receive your pass. Each of these passes gives the guest access to all equipment and amenities and these vary by location. The pass is good for a single day and cannot be used for anyone who has been a member within the past six months. The initial visit and single day pass must be used within 72 hours of application. Guests need to meet with an account manager and have a tour of the facility before the first visit. Life Time Fitness often offers free passes or discounts on a variety of discount websites so check these voucher sites for various deals.

Refer a Friend Pass

Another way to gain access is to participate in the “Refer a Friend” program. If you have a friend who has an annual membership at a Life Time Fitness center, you can be invited to use the entire facility for a day. There is still a fee for this type of pass (ranging anywhere from $20 to $30) but the access includes all the amenities available at your specific club. The member also benefits from this referral by receiving LTbucks which may be used to purchase Life Time merchandise or specific services or food items from the club. Members should use this site to make the guest referral.

Life Time Fitness Guest Pass Benefits

The benefits of any type of Life Time Fitness guest passes are obvious.

  • Discounted access to all club amenities
  • Use of indoor and outdoor pools
  • Access to the Kids’ programs and use of the child care center
  • Initial orientation and session with a personal trainer
  • Judging the staff to determine if you feel comfortable with the way they work

Prices of guest passes and club equipment and amenities vary by center. All locations are full service but you should check with a specific club to learn about any guest pass restrictions. You can review these for the location most convenient to you by visiting the “Find a Club” site. For more information about Life Time Fitness services and amenities, check out our Life Time Fitness Reviews article. It sums up Life Time Fitness customer reviews on a number of topics.

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