Life Time Fitness Prices and Membership Fees

Life Time Fitness is a chain of workout facilities that began in Minnesota in 1990. The company is so popular that it has grown to 128 locations across 28 US states and even has three sites in Canada. Each facility has special amenities including studios, personal trainers, a spa, and a café. This variety of features makes Life Time more like a resort than a health club, but also makes its fees higher. This article will review these costs and the club’s payment methods.

Membership costs vary slightly by location so the amounts listed in the table below represent the average price across the company.

Program Name Initiation Fee Monthly Price Annual Price
Individual $79.50 $139.00 $720.00
Couple 129.50 $139.00 $720.00
Family $154.50 $139.00 $720.00

Life Time Fitness Prices & Program

For the most part, the monthly membership fees remain constant but the joining fees vary depending on the type of membership you choose. All membership types provide access to all club amenities, classes and most programs. This includes aqua classes, pilates, yoga, and various trainings. However, there are some specialties that carry an additional fee. Programs like weight loss detox ($134.99), spa services (massages $110.00), and the 60-day weight loss challenge ($60.00) have a charge even for members. Non-members can also purchase these services but at a slightly higher rate.

Members can take advantage of the invite a friend program. The guest attends one day for free and if they join, the member receives LTBucks. These are currency which can be used to purchase services or products sold by Life Time. There are times during the year when these programs are offered free-of-charge to new members upon joining. New members can also upgrade from the basic memberships and receive LTBucks to be used at a later time during the year.

If you would like to try out a Life Time Fitness gym before deciding whether to commit, you can check out our article on Life Time Fitness guest passes. With a Life Time Fitness guest pass, you can try out a Life Time Fitness gym for a brief period for free, or for a very low fee.

Life Time Fitness History & Trivia

Life Time clubs have more amenities than most and the chain is among the most popular for this reason. They are unique for their 24/7 services, the childcare facilities offered, and their LifeCafe that serves healthy meal choices. They are located in both the US and Canada. In addition, the company has its own branded line of health and wellness products and accessories.

Life Time Fitness Membership Info & Contact

You must be at least 18 years of age to become a member of Life Time Fitness. All the paperwork can be completed online and payment can be made with a credit card from the company’s secure site. Members pay a one time joining fee plus the monthly dues. Most Life Time locations are in the states of Texas, and in Minnesota, where the company was established.

You can contact the Life Time Fitness company in a variety of ways.
Life Time Fitness Website:
Life Time Business Hours: 8 AM to 8 PM (CT)
Life Time Fitness Facebook Page:
Life Time Fitness Phone Number: 1-855-430-5433

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