Goodlife Fitness Cancellation Form

Goodlife Fitness cancellation

Canada’s largest fitness chain, Goodlife Fitness, provides a number of amenities. In addition to the basic cardio and strength machines, the clubs offer a variety of classes, pools, saunas, whirlpools, a cold plunge, personal training and sports’ courts. All these facilities make this club very attractive. But no matter how happy you are with your … Read more

Fitness 19 Cancellation Form

Fitness 19 cancellation

Fitness 19 is a chain of workout clubs that offers a variety of options for you to achieve your individual fitness goals. With equipment and classes to improve cardio and strength, you should be able to find something that works for you. They do make it convenient for you to join by providing different types … Read more

Gold’s Gym Cancellation Form

gold's gym cancellation

Gold’s Gym was established in 1965 in Venice Beach, California as one of the first co-ed fitness chains in America. Today, Gold’s International operates over 700 locations in 30 countries. The clubs have a variety of gym equipment, over fifty mind and body classes, and a kids’ club. Many clubs also have special innovations like … Read more

24 Hour Fitness Cancellation Form

24 Hour Fitness is currently the world’s largest privately-owned fitness chain. The company was established as one location in 1983 and now operates over 400 locations, with the largest concentration of clubs in the states of California and Texas. The goal has always been for guests to feel empowered so that they can follow a healthier lifestyle.

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Anytime Fitness Cancellation Form

Anytime Fitness Cancellation

The Anytime Fitness workout company was founded in 2002 and is currently based in Woodbury, Minnesota. In 2014, the franchise was among the fastest growing and today has 3000 locations, in 20 countries. The clubs offer 24/7 access on 356 days of the year. Each club is independently owned so the amenities differ slightly. However, … Read more