Planet Fitness Deals and Offers

Planet Fitness is one of the largest fitness chains in the world, with over 1400 clubs in five different companies. There are two different types of membership. The Basic gives members access to all the standard gym equipment, while the Black Card membership is an upgrade to access to all clubs and additional services including massages and tanning. Though the monthly costs are among the lowest in the business, there are other annual fees that increase your costs. However, there are Planet Fitness deals and discounts available and this article will inform readers about some of the Planet Fitness coupons and discounts available from voucher websites and the deals available from Planet Fitness.

Planet Fitness Deals and Coupons

Even though membership fees are not high, it is always important to try to save money whenever you can. Planet Fitness gives you the opportunity to save money and still have access to a variety of amenities. Since all clubs are franchises, the deals vary, but can save new members between $30 and $100 on annual and startup fees. There are also discounts on merchandise and accessories as well as coupons from external voucher sites.

Planet Fitness Deals

Here are some of the new member deals offered by various clubs.

  • New Membership Specials – Monthly dues generally range from $120 to $260 per year. At certain times of the year, new members can join for an annual cost of $99, a significant savings.
  • Startup/Annual Fee Discounts – There are examples of members being charged $1, twenty-five cents, or nothing for these fees. This can be a savings ranging from $20 to $60.
  • No 12-month CommitmentCertain clubs waive the 12-month commitment for new members. This may not seem like a deal but it makes it possible to cancel your membership if necessary without paying a penalty.

Planet Fitness Coupons

There are also coupons offered by online voucher websites like Groupon, RetailMeNot, and Slickdeals. You can use these to receive 20 to 30% off your purchase of Planet Fitness merchandise online or print them to participate in certain fitness programs and classes for half price. Just present these coupons at your home club at the time that you register.

For example, you can save 70% (pay 29.50 instead of $75) on a Pilates Reformer class or enroll in a Cardio Bootcamp for a savings of $27. It is important to note that these coupons are good for limited periods of time and are only valid at specific clubs.

Membership Costs of Planet Fitness Membership

Though annual and startup fees vary, the two different membership fees are fairly consistent across the entire franchise.

  • $10 per month membership – This type of membership gives you unlimited access to your home club and to fitness training, wi-fi, and a free tee shirt.
  • Planet Fitness Black Card ($21.99 per month) – This upgraded membership gives you access to any Planet Fitness club. Black Card members can also use tanning and massage services, get free accessories, and receive 20% discounts on Reebok products.

Each of these membership types have a startup fee ranging from $10 to $60 depending on the club, and an annual charge of at least $39. Obviously, using coupons or enrolling during discount periods can save members a great deal of money.

Read our Planet Fitness Prices & Membership guide for further details.

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