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Founded in 1975, Powerhouse Gym is an international gym chain with locations in 39 states and 17 countries. With no signs of slowing down, joining your local Powerhouse Gym is probably a good bet. But is it possible to try before you buy?

Thankfully, it is possible; like many other gyms, Powerhouse Gym offers prospective members guest passes and trial periods. But before spending one of your workout sessions at a Powerhouse Gym, it may be useful to know more about the gym chain itself and whether it’s right for you.

About Powerhouse Gym

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Powerhouse Gym was founded in Highland Park, Michigan by brothers William and Norman Dabish. Since its founding 40 years ago, the chain has grown to over 200 locations across the United States and, more recently, across the world.

When William and Norman first started Powerhouse Gym, they intended it to be a place for members of their neighborhood to work out. Over time, however, the gym became a favorite place for athletes to train, eventually adding a few famous professional boxers to its membership rosters.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be a professional boxer (or an athlete, for that matter) to join a Powerhouse Gym. Today’s locations cater to every level of fitness, offering a wide range of workout equipment and membership features.

Membership Features And Benefits

As a Powerhouse Gym member, you’ll have access to workout equipment ranging from cardio machines to free weights. As the gym is traditionally a bodybuilding and boxing gym, there is a special focus placed on strength training and boxing—this is great news if you’re interested in either (or both!) of these workouts, but it’s definitely not bad news if you’re not.

As the gym has expanded across the country and the world, they have begun to cater to an increasingly wide audience. As a result of trying to cater to many different fitness levels, members can enjoy a large variety of membership benefits.

Personal Training

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The personal training isn’t limited to boxing, either. No matter what your goals or your current fitness level, Powerhouse Gym trainers are ready to help you get on your feet. At every location, personal trainers and exercise experts are always on hand and will come around the gym to assist you when needed.

Due to the gym’s background in bodybuilding and boxing, its trainers are especially well equipped for those wishing to put on some extra muscle. In fact, as we’ll see later, many gym locations even play host to bodybuilding competitions throughout the year.

All personal training sessions begin with a holistic consultation addressing your current level of health and your perspective goals. After the meeting, Powerhouse Gym’s trainers will then be able to develop a personalized routine and, where necessary, teach you how to use specialized gym equipment and perform certain exercises.

Note, however, that personal training outside of occasional assistance is not included with your membership and will cost extra. As a result, those trying the gym on a guest pass will likely be unable to sign up for personal training without paying a fee.

Group Training

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If you’re more inclined to train in a group, you’re in luck; most locations offer group training and exercise classes. Group classes include aerobics, kickboxing, cycling, hip-hop, yoga and more. Some classes are even designed to target specific muscle groups, such as your glutes or upper body. There’s truly something for everyone, and your membership includes most classes.

Other Amenities And Features

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Powerhouse Gym members also have access to tanning beds, private changing rooms, towel service and, depending on location, gym-specific shops featuring a membership discount. As Powerhouse Gym is a franchise, especially passionate members can pursue the opportunity of starting and owning their own gym.

Membership Types

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Powerhouse Gym boasts over 1.2 million members worldwide, and for a good reason; their monthly membership costs are some of the lowest in the world! Individual memberships start at roughly $20 to $25 per month, with couple memberships reaching an average of $45.

As a Powerhouse Gym member, you get access to everything in your local gym. Those traveling outside of their local area and wanting to work out at a Powerhouse Gym can do so at half the price a non-member would have to pay for a day pass.


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Powerhouse Gym has locations in 39 of the United States and 17 countries. As these numbers continue to grow, Powerhouse Gym is becoming increasingly available to everybody. If there isn’t one in your area, it may only be a matter of time!

Of course, if you’re traveling to an area with a Powerhouse Gym and want to get in your regular workout for free, then you may want to consider a guest pass.

Deals And Offers

Powerhouse Gym offers several discounts to prospective members. In addition to guest passes, many of their locations offer promotions on memberships, some of which include free classes, free personal training and other perks.

For prospective members and travelers, Powerhouse Gym also offers free, 24-hour guest passes. To sign up for a guest pass, use their online form or visit your local Powerhouse Gym.

If you’re interested in a longer-term membership, Powerhouse Gym also offers discounts for seniors, veterans and students enrolled in any level of education from middle school or college. These offers also extend to firefighters and members of law enforcement.

For further discounts, annual memberships tend to offer a discount on yearly fees with the addition of free classes. Those who wish to autopay monthly through their bank can also receive monthly discounts of up to ten percent.


As a rapidly growing gym chain, Powerhouse Gym is eager to give prospective members guest passes and membership discounts. A 24-hour guest pass seems like the best promotion; however, you may also be able to get special location-specific discounts if you sign up for a long-term membership.

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