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Snap Fitness clubs are different from most fitness chains in that they provide only basic amenities in smaller facilities. There are no pools, spas, showers, or locker rooms. However, when you attend, you will find all the equipment necessary to complete a cardio workout and strength training, and certified trainers who will provide nutrition counseling and an initial fitness consultation. The philosophy is that the support available to you will help you achieve your fitness goals at a faster pace. This article will summarize Snap Fitness reviews, including locations, amenities, and customer service.


With over 2200 locations in countries like the United States, Canada, and Mexico, you can generally find a Snap Fitness club that is convenient to you. One advantage is that once you become a member, you are not locked in to just one club. You can attend the club that is close to either work or home. The fact that access is 24/7 just adds to the positive opinions of reviewers.
Rating: 4/5

Membership Costs and Fees

The majority of the ratings about Snap Fitness prices show that members are happy with their monthly dues. This makes perfect sense since membership costs are below the averages in the industry. There are some hidden fees about which members complain. Initiation fees vary from club to club but can be high. However, there are Snap Fitness deals that you can find to reduce these costs or have some of these fees waived.
Rating: 4/5

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Snap Fitness reviews agree that the equipment and surrounding areas are great when it comes to cleanliness. The equipment is well maintained and, when there is an issue, it is handled as quickly as possible. Snap Fitness reviews state that the culture seems to insist that all members take part in the maintenance of their own workout stations. Some locations are small and crowded during peak hours, but this is the only area of complaint.
Rating: 4/5

Lockers and Showers

Snap Fitness has no locker rooms or showers so there are no ratings related to these facilities. All members are aware of this fact and it does not seem to be a problem. Members who wish to change clothes before or after a workout must use the restrooms. If you are looking for these amenities or for spas and saunas, then this club is not for you.
Rating: N/A

Extra Amenities

The same is true for other extra amenities. The clubs have no swimming pools, sports courts, or tracks. Members seem perfectly happy with the standard gym equipment, weight machines, and variety of classes that are available. There are some personal training programs and these are available for an extra fee. Those looking for special amenities should join a different fitness club.
Rating: N/A

Customer Service

The company focuses on supporting members as they work toward achieving their fitness goals. All members can receive an initial consultation, and they can work with a certified personal trainer to design a customized plan. Service desk staff have been rated as very helpful but their availability is limited at some clubs. The only complaints in this area are that funds continue to be deducted from member accounts even after cancellation is finalized.
Rating: 3/5

Snap Fitness Verdict

Based on the majority of reviews of Snap Fitness, it seems that members find exactly what they need and are very happy with the company. The fact that there are a variety of convenient locations that are cleaned and well-maintained and staffed by quality personnel, gives this club a rating of 4/5. The caution to anyone thinking about joining is that you understand that amenities are limited and that you calculate all the annual costs before you join. You should also review the membership agreement and read all the member policies and the cancellation process.

Location Membership Costs & Fees Cleanliness & Maintenance Locker Rooms & Showers Extra Amenities Customer Service Verdict
4/5 4/5 4/5 N/A N/A 3/5 4/5

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